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Cummins has been manufacturing diesel engines in the UK for the past 50 years. Cummins UK employs over 4,000 people and is in the top 40 list of all UK exporters with 70 percent of products exported. Cummins UK engines are used in trucks, buses, marine vessels, construction, mining, agricultural and material handling equipment, rail vehicles and military equipment. Cummins UK also builds critical standby power generator sets for hospitals, data centers, banks and telecoms. The Components Business manufactures turbochargers and exhaust aftertreatment systems.

For more information, please contact:

Cummins Turbo Technologies
Telephone: +44 1484 422244

Cummins Emission Solutions
Telephone: +44 1325 556000

Cummins Engines
Telephone: +44 1327 886464

Cummins Business Services
Telephone: +44 1642 412718

Cummins Business Development
Telephone: +44 1780 407692

Cummins Generator Technologies
Telephone: +44 1780 484000

Cummins Power Generation
Telephone: +44 1843 255000

Daventry Engine Plant
Telephone: +44 1327 886000

Darlington Engine Plant
Telephone: +44 1325 556000

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